Thomas Weisel collects contemporary art, Native American and Asian Pacific antiquities, with an interest in art going back several decades. Originally introduced to contemporary art by some friends who were part of a San Francisco art group in the early 1970’s, he set out to learn as much as he could about contemporary art. He started researching, reading books like Systems and Dialectics of Art by John Graham, and talking to experts like Alan Stone, a New York art dealer, to get their insights.

When he felt he had learned enough about the topic, he started collecting a few pieces. He was one of the first dedicated collectors of Wayne Theibaud’s work.  Mr. Weisel also developed a particular fondness for the New York Abstract Expressionists and the California Bay Area  Figurative artists. He continues to explore and collect contemporary artists.

In November of 2002, Mr. Weisel decided to take advantage of a very strong art market and put  21 paintings up for through Sotheby’s. The sale brought record prices for three California  artists: Thiebaud, Oliveira and Park. It also set a record for Franz Kline.

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