Kipling training in Chile

Olivia surfing in Namotu Island, Fiji

Thom and family heli-skiing in Sun Valley

Thomas Weisel is married to Janet Barnes and they have two young sons. Ms. Barnes is currently a Managing Director at Thomas Weisel Investment Management – she and Thomas manage an institutional quality portfolio of hedge funds, private equity, and venture funds as well as direct investments. Prior to this, Ms. Barnes spent twenty years in equity and fixed income capital markets. She is currently on the Board of Trustees at the DeYoung Museum of Fine Arts and sits on their Finance Committee as well as on the Investment and Accessions Committee at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Ms. Barnes also serves of board of Education Francois Bay Area (EFBA). She is also a member of Chevaliers du Tastevin in San Francisco. Ms. Barnes is passionate about skiing, cycling and mountain climbing.

Thom’s two middle children are Kipling and Olivia. Kipling is a sophomore at Dartmouth and a member of the US Ski Team’s Men’s Alpine B Team. He is ranked approximately 50th in World Rankings in Super G (click here to learn more). Olivia graduated from high school in 2017 and plans to attend Middlebury as a recruited soccer player in the Fall of 2018. She is taking a gap year to travel throughout Europe and Nepal.

Mr. Weisel has three older children; Brett, Heather and Wyatt. Brett graduated from UC Berkeley and currently runs a distressed real estate fund. Heather graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, has a PhD in Psychology, and runs an educational publishing business. Wyatt graduated from the University of Colorado, has a Masters from Tuck School of Business, and is in real estate development. Mr. Weisel has eight grandchildren.

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