Thomas Weisel has supported numerous health causes over the years. His main focus in this area has been in support of Dr. Jonathan Terdiman, who is co-director of the Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program at UCSF Medical Center. The Weisel family started working with Dr. Terdiman about ten years ago to fund genetic counseling activity for his patients.

This evolved into a project to develop a website for likeminded patients who were similarly affected by genetic issues. This software program is called KinTalk. Since its development and launch in 2013, there are over 500 KinTalk users and subscribers as well as a Youtube channel providing the most up to date information. There is a podcast library, and a family communication portal to share their genetic information. UCSF is now trying to roll this activity to other disciplines to continue its growth around the world.