“Review: New SFMOMA Overwhelming, Enriching” Mercury News

by Thomas Weisel | Jun 10, 2016

The Mercury News offers one visitor’s impressions of the newly-opened San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which now houses 146,000 square feet of art. The feature centers on the writer’s first experience of the museum and the new galleries that are now open to visitors.

The new museum will include exhibits called “Open Ended: Painting and Sculpture Since 1900,” as well as several California-focused exhibits Pieces loaned from Thomas Weisel’s collection will be housed in several of the California exhibits, contributing to SFMOMA’s appreciation for local and locally historical art.

The Fisher collection is the centerpiece of the new museum, according to the article. That collection contains 260 works from Donald and Doris Fisher’s loan, adding to the 1,100 new works that the museum can display for the next century. A lot can be done with so much space. “With five new floors of galleries and new outdoor terraces for sculpture, there’s no limit to what the museum can do in the future,” the article says.

Mercury News also explores both the photography exhibits at the museum. “About Time” is a “smartly-themed permanent collection, including the crash of the Hindenburg and Afghan war scenes from 1878 and 2011.” The other exhibit, “California and the West,” offers “new donations ranging from Carleton Watkins’ Yosemite photographs to Michael Light’s jumble of Los Angeles freeways.”

by Thomas Weisel | Jun 10, 2016